Thursday, 12 June 2014

A night in hospital.

Just an addendum to the above.

Today I received a letter confirming my appointment next week. However, it's for 10:00 am not 2:00 pm and they have a bed for me!

It transpires that whatever they plan, I will be kept in overnight. I'm still unsure what will happen, whether it will be straight to a stent or a drain first and then a stent at some later date. Perhaps they don't know either? The unit name, the Planned Investigation Unit suggests that they intend having a poke around.

I've checked with them and I'll be okay to attend the scheduled chemo session the next day. I'm assuming that means I'll be discharged before it's start time of 3.30 pm.

Fortunately, my friend is happy and able to collect me in the morning and he's prepared to keep the next day clear and await my call. The kindness of people is a little overwhelming.

I'm not looking forward to a night in hospital. It will be a first for me, one that I'd have been happy to have avoided (for a little longer at least).

Now I'd best buy some pyjamas I suppose.

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